Patricia Piccinini (website) at Roslyn Oxley Gallery in Paddington, Sydney. Finishes March 30.

From press release: 

This exhibition reflects on the irrepressible, productive capacity of the organic world. The amazing overflowing fecundity of things, that is both marvelous and overwhelming. This is encapsulated by a new video, From within, that depicts a woman within a cavernous space composed of translucent amber stalactites. She leans forward and begins to disgorge an apparently limitless stream of golden honey-like liquid. It is simultaneously beautiful and disturbing, deliberate and serene but going against the deep-seated intuition that nothing good ever comes back out of the body. Honey fascinates me. When we eat it, we are the third creature to have digested it; it has passed through two bees to get to us. It may be the earliest example of humans utilising the unique biological processes of other creatures for their own purposes; an ancient symbiosis between people and bees that displays exactly the sort of the inter-species connections that seem so radical when played out in contemporary science.